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In a Nutshell

JustFoodForDogs is a seriously healthy dog and cat food. The recipes have been carefully formulated and tested over a long period of time to ensure maximum health benefits and taste. JustFoodForDogs has a full lineup of dog food as well as a cat food option. You can also get supplements, treats, and hands-on, personalized advice from veterinarians and clinical nutritionists.

JustFoodForDogs at a Glance

JustFoodForDogs offers a flat rate shipping fee on all standard (non-autoship) orders at $10 or alternatively customers can enjoy free pickup from their various locations across the country. It has a vast range of options for dogs such as Fresh Frozen, PantryFresh, DIY Homemade Kits

and supplements amongst others. Their is one meal and one treat option for cats.

All of JustFoodForDogs recipes are of premium quality and made with human-grade ingredients. Their recipes are focused on promoting proper immune system health. As a special offer, new customers get 35% of their first offer and 5% off recurring orders.


  • Meals are science and research-backed
  • Lots of dog food flavors
  • DIY mixes, fresh, pantry, kibble, treats, supplements


  • Only one option for cats
  • No free shipping, only free pickup option
JustFoodForDogs: Fresh Dog Food, Delivered and Made, Using Only Real Food

How Does JustFoodForDogs Work?

JustFoodForDogs makes it easy to order and get your pet food. You can order online and have the food delivered to your door. Or you can get curbside pickup. Here’s how it works:

Choose the food you like

Add other products like supplements or treats

Check out and choose if you want delivery or self-pickup

You can also schedule a private consultation with one of the board-certified specialists and veterinarians if you prefer a personalized diet plan for your pet.

What’s on Offer?

JustFoodForDogs has several options, including:

Freshly frozen wet dog food

Pantry fresh food

DIY homemade kits

Custom diets

Cat foods



In terms of freshly frozen meals, JustFoodForDogs has six different meal options for wet dog food. One thing I really like about the variety is that it meets a lot of different dietary requirements. For example, if your dog is sensitive to chicken, there’s venison. If they don’t like fish, there’s beef. And if brown rice makes them gassy, there’s white rice. A ton of variety that’s sensitive to your dog’s needs. Recipes include:

Chicken and white rice

Beef and russet potato

Turkey and whole wheat macaroni

Fish and sweet potato

Lamb and brown rice

Venison and squash

JustFoodForDogs also has four different pantry-friendly meal options. These dog foods are still fresh, but they can be kept in the pantry for up to two years. So it’s good value if you want to buy in bulk and always have it on hand. Pantry favorites include chicken and white rice, turkey and whole wheat macaroni, beef and russet potato, and lamb and brown rice.

JustFoodForDogs even has a DIY option if you like the idea of making your dog’s food by yourself. You’ll get down and dirty with this one, as JustFoodForDogs just provides you with a blend of the right nutrients, a tried-and-true recipe, and a shopping list for the ingredients you’ll need to make the magic. This is a cool option if you have the time and like hands-on pet care.

Best of all, though, JustFoodForDogs has vet-prescribed foods in case your dog has current health issues or you’d like to avoid developing them. Some of these health-conscious options include:

Renal support

Hepatic support (low-fat FYI)

Metabolic support

Balanced remedy

Joint and skin support

Derm support

Critical care support

You can also get some of these in the pantry fresh variety. These meals have been formulated by veterinarians and according to JustFoodForDogs, they’re recommended by thousands of vets across the country.

Dog treats are also available in seven flavors. And JustFoodForDogs offers vitamins and supplements to give your dog a health boost as well. Lastly, JustFoodForDogs will customize your dog or cat’s food for you if you prefer a unique blend that matches your pet’s specific dietary requirements.

One downside is that JustFoodForDogs only has a single option for cats. There are also cat treats. But just one meal.

Food Variety and Quality

JustFoodForDogs is definitely the highest quality pet food you’re going to find. To begin with, all meals are made with fresh, real, whole foods that are human-grade. What’s more, JustFoodForDogs uses real, whole foods. The ingredients are nutritious, unprocessed, and USDA-approved for people. Proteins are all inspected too. Basically, this food is made from ingredients that you’d pick up for yourself at the supermarket. JustFoodForDogs food also has no preservatives or other junk added.

JustFoodForDogs meals are also nutritionally balanced by nutritionists to ensure that your pet gets the necessary daily requirements of important nutrients. Meals have whole foods, including healthy carbs, premium-quality proteins, and nutritious vegetables. JustFoodForDogs also has grain-free and gluten-free meals in case your pet has a tummy that’s sensitive to these ingredients.

Additionally, JustFoodForDogs has run clinical tests above and beyond the industry standards or requirements. Like no exaggeration. For example, the AAFCO requires testing over a six-month period on six dogs with four blood parameters. JustFoodForDogs tested for a year, used a complete blood count, and tested on 30 dogs. So you can see the qualitative difference.

The research itself was also conducted in a professional manner, reviewed by the University of Illinois research team and published in Translational Animal Science. And JustFoodForDogs didn’t stop there. The research is ongoing to ensure that its pet food continuously provides the proper nutrition according to the latest science and findings. Bottom line, JustFoodForDogs is the real deal when it comes to premium quality healthy pet food.

Additional Products Available

In addition to the regular pet food, JustFoodForDogs sells supplements, treats, and specialty diets for specific health issues.


JustFoodForDogs’ prices range depending on which type of food you’re ordering and the ordering frequency. You can get meals from $6.95 to $11.95, and you’ll receive a 5% discount if you opt for recurring orders. You’ll pay a flat rate of $10 for shipping on non-autoship orders..

JustFoodForDogs also has a clean plate guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, JustFoodForDogs will give you a full refund. The guarantee holds true for all JustFoodForDogs products, regardless of the reason you are unhappy. That’s a solid offer. Shipping and delivery fees are not refundable, though.

Help & Support

Best of all, though, JustFoodForDogs has nutrition and veterinary consultants available to customers who have questions about their pets and nutrition in general. You can schedule a private consultation to ask any questions you might have, or to help you create a personalized diet for your pet.

And you can even visit JustFoodForDogs’ kitchens. They’re open to the public in several cities like New York, Washington, and California.

Phone support:

(866) 726-9509 or (949) 722-3647

Monday – Friday 7:00am-6:00pm Pacific

Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm Pacific

Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm Pacific

What Pet Parents Have to Say About JustFoodForDogs

“Appreciate the variety offered I have been feeding my 2 dogs JFFD for nearly 3 years now at the recommendation of a vet. In addition to the quality ingredients and care put into the food, I appreciate that nonstandard proteins are offered, such as this lamb recipe. I like to vary their diet, and JFFD makes it easier by offering a range of meats.The improvement in my dogs’ skin, coats, and bloodwork since they have been eating JFFD is a testament to the quality of this food.” – Maria F.

“Better than 5 stars!5 stars is not enough to describe how life changing Just Food for Dogs is for my fur baby and me. Ralph Pickles would go days without eating because his food was making his tummy hurt and sometimes he was very picky. Since we switched to JFFD he hasn’t missed a meal and we’re both thrilled! So glad we found Just Food for Dogs!!!”- Cindy F.

“Our dog goes crazy for the chicken breast treat. It’s her favorite. I’m happy because I know it is safe for her to eat and healthy.”-James M.


If you’re looking for pet food that will fill your pet’s specific dietary needs, JustFoodForDogs definitely fits the bill. The food itself is human-grade, top-quality, unprocessed, and USDA-approved. All meals have also been nutritionally balanced by veterinary nutritionists to have all the necessary daily nutrients. What’s more, JustFoodForDogs offers specialty diets for pups with health problems, supplements, and treats to give that little bit of extra love.



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