Gentle food for dogs cook yourself: Tips and recipes

Gentle food for dogs cook yourself: Tips and recipes

Gentle food for dogs cook yourself: Tips and recipes

If you want to cook your dog’s diet yourself, you can create a good alternative to buying expensive special products. With these tips and recipes, you can prepare your four-legged friend healthy, easily digestible meals that are tasty for him.

If your dog is to be fed a special diet, you can get suitable special food from the vet or cook it yourself. The big advantage of cooking it yourself: You know exactly what the food of your protégé contains. In any case, make sure that the food is adapted to the needs of the weakened four-legged friend.

Gentle food for dogs: When does it make sense?
There are many reasons why it can make sense to change a dog’s diet to food that is as light and digestible as possible. This can be important during a diet, for example, or when your four-legged friend needs to get back on his feet after an operation.

Gentle food is also important during and after gastrointestinal diseases that are accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. Dogs suffering from certain diseases or food intolerances can even be fed a special diet for the rest of their lives. Also conceivable is a light diet for dogs suffering from heartburn, also known as gastritis.

Whether it’s a lack of appetite, illness, or food intolerance, it’s important to help sick or weakened dogs get back on their feet with the right food, in consultation with the vet. But what is actually to be considered with Schonkost concretely?

Characteristics of a good dog food
Gentle food should supply sick and weakened dogs with important nutrients without overloading their metabolism. It is therefore essential to avoid ingredients that are difficult to digest, such as raw fiber in cereals.

As a rule, low-fat foods that do not contain spices are suitable. For example, easily digestible and protein-rich meats such as chicken or turkey are ideal. Rice and potatoes give strength to the weakened dog’s body with many carbohydrates and provide a protective effect for the stomach lining. Grated carrots additionally help with diarrhea.

Here is an overview of the foods that are good as a sparing diet for dogs:

Fish and meat:

lean fish

Dairy products:

Low-fat curd cheese
low fat cottage cheese
Other foods:

It is best to discuss the number of individual ingredients for your dog’s special diet with a veterinarian. It depends on the reason why your four-legged friend should receive this food.

Tip: In order not to overtax your pet’s digestion, always serve the gentle food at room temperature and several times in smaller portions.

Gentle food recipe for dogs with gluttony
Does your pet suffer from a lack of appetite? A popular recipe for dogs with poor appetite consists of a mixture of lean cooked turkey, rice, carrots, brewer’s yeast, low-fat curd cheese, honey, and oatmeal. For this you proceed as follows:

Carefully free di07e turkey from bones.
Grate the carrot into fine pieces with a vegetable slicer.
Cook the meat without spices in a water bath.
Cook the rice.
Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 1/3 turkey to 2/3 rice.
Then stir in the grated carrot – as well as a little honey, a finely chopped brewer’s yeast tablet, a tablespoon of low-fat curd cheese, and some oatmeal.
After vomiting and diarrhea: Gentle food recipes for dogs with digestive problems
After overcoming gastrointestinal diseases with accompanying symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, it is important to provide the dog with important nutrients again. One way to do this is to give him a diet of rice pudding, cottage cheese, carrots, flaxseed, and apples. For this you proceed as follows:

Boil the rice pudding in water.
Grate the carrots and apples into fine strips.
Mix the cooked rice pudding, cottage cheese, and grated carrots in a ratio of 1/3 each.
To provide a bit of flavor variety, add a tablespoon of flaxseed.
To this is added the grated apple. But be careful: the latter only if your four-legged friend has no dental problems – because apples contain a lot of fructose and fruit acid.

Tip: A mixture of 1/3 lean chicken, 1/3 cottage cheese, and a bag of very soft-boiled bagged rice also tastes very good to most sick four-legged friends!

Gentle food against stomach problems

You would like to bring a little variety into the game and serve your dog a special diet with fish? Especially in the case of general stomach complaints, this can be a good idea. One possible recipe consists of pouch rice, carrot, and pollock and is prepared as follows:

Boil the pouch rice in water until it is very soft.
Cooks the fish in water, do not add extra salt or other spices.
Grate the carrot into fine pieces.
Mix fish and rice in the ratio of ⅓ fish and ⅔ rice.
Fold in the grated carrot.

What to do if your dog doesn’t want to eat?

If your dog does not want to eat the special diet, it is best to contact a veterinarian directly. He can tell you how to make it even tastier for your pet. In addition, the veterinarian can investigate whether there is another cause behind the refusal to eat.



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