The dog constantly howls: Is he sick?

The dog constantly howls: Is he sick?

The dog constantly howls: Is he sick?

When a dog howls, it is grueling for the owner in the long run. The whining is usually an expression that something is wrong with the four-legged friend – either mentally or physically in the form of pain. To help your furry friend, you must first find out why the behavior.

If your dog howls for seemingly no reason, the causes of this behavior are usually harmless. However, to find out, you need to observe your four-legged friend closely: In what situations does he tend to whine?

Howling because of a bitch in heat

If, for example, your male dog appears to be perfectly healthy and in top condition but suddenly howls during a walk, a bitch in heat may be behind it. Her smell turns your darling’s head, and he feels like howling. After the hike, give him a moment to calm down again.

Territorial howling as a cause

As soon as a quadruped in a group of dogs starts howling, the rest often join in. Your dog will then howl like a wolf. This is because dogs are pack animals. They automatically join in with the whining to demonstrate that they belong to the group. At the same time, this is how they signal their power as a pack to other nearby dogs: “This is our territory.” This territorial behavior is widespread when several four-legged friends are kept together.

Howling at sirens

Howling not only has an infectious effect on conspecifics, sirens, or other warning sounds can also cause a dog to give a yelp concert. Reason: For the quadrupeds, the tones do not sound after sirens but simply after other Jaulen. Keyword: Territorial howling. Who yowls along belongs to the group.

Dog howls when it is alone

However, it can also be that your dog howls because he has grief. Numerous dogs whine, for example, as soon as you stop “playing” with them, feeding them, or taking them for a walk. Some dogs howl in general when their caregiver is absent.

This is because the four-legged friends are very social creatures and therefore do not like to be alone. Especially puppies must first practice being alone and get used to the fact that you are not always there. The fact that a dog howls when its master or mistress leaves means, first of all, that it is loudly demanding your attention.

But some animals also suffer from natural separation anxiety. They sometimes panic when “their” human is not around. Talk to your veterinarian about the conspicuous behavior of your favorite. He will advise you and, if necessary, refer you to a suitable animal psychologist. This way, you can help your pet handle the situation better in the future.

Dog howls while playing

The yelp during play is also to be understood as an explicit request. It means something like, “Get busy with me!” Your furry friend will often bring you a stick or toy, whistle, and nudge you. A joyful wagging tail combined with yipping is also a clear sign that your dog demands your attention.

Dog howls at night

Does your dog howl in his sleep? Then he is probably having a nightmare. You should not wake him up, but you can talk to him gently and pet him to calm him down.

If you have taken the dog from a shelter or a previous owner, he may whine at night because he misses his old family. A dog will also howl and squeal if unsettled or stressed by many new impressions.

If the whining does not stop, an anxiety disorder may be behind it. In this case, a visit to an animal psychologist or dog trainer is advisable.

Dog howls because of pain
The whining can also be a sign of pain. If the dog usually hardly ever whines but now whines almost continuously, this is an alarm signal. Or your dog suddenly howls briefly when he takes a toy in his mouth or eats? Even then, you should not take the whining lightly!

Other clues that may indicate pain:

slow or cautious movements
loss of appetite
In this case, be sure to take your dog to the vet to see if your pet has joint problems or toothaches, for example.



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