Day: January 26, 2022

Companion and companion dogs such as the Maltese, Pug or Poodle, for example, are usually friendly, peaceful and people-oriented. Herding dogs, working dogs and working dogs such as the German Shepherd, the Bernese Mountain Dog or Australian Shepherd also enjoy working with people and are obedient and loyal if well trained. St. Bernards, Leonbergers and Newfoundlands are also stoically calm. Some hunting dog breeds, such as the friendly Beagle, the Labrador or Golden Retriever with their pronounced "will to please", are also good therapy dogs with proper socialization. Whether you choose a large, medium or small dog for animal-assisted therapy depends on its area of use. Larger dogs are more suitable for working with children and adolescents, while smaller four-legged friends are more suitable for the elderly, as they can sit on your lap or snuggle up in bed.

Therapy dogs: Which four-legged friends are suitable? Unlike assistance dogs, therapy dogs are not specially trained for a single patient. Rather, together with their owner, they form a team that helps several people heal and promotes their emotional well-being as part of an animal-assisted medical treatment. Find out which dogs are best suited for this …

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